If you live in the greater Nashville area, your roof has to deal with about 55 inches of water a year.  Gutters provide the necessary function of moving water off the roof of your house, and away from your foundation.  Properly installed gutters keep your house high and dry, protecting your doors, windows, and siding from water damage.

Gutters come in two styles:  K-Style and U-Style.  A majority of the homes in the greater Nashville area have the K-Style gutters, which mimic crown molding and have a nice fitting.  Gutters are 4-6 inches wide with 5 inch K-Style gutters being the most popular.  

Gutter Downspouts:  The gutter downspouts are 2x3 inch or 3x4 inch, with some of them being corrugated.  Sufficient downspouts are needed to handle the amount of water that runs off the roof.  Downspouts may clog, so we usually recommend the larger size on steeper roofs.

Seamless Gutters:  We attach gutters along the eave of the house with hangers, brackets, and straps.  We use seamless gutters which are made by a machine that we bring to your home to fabricate them.  Seamless gutters have the advantage that they are not as prone to leaking, and they are easier to install.

Installation:  The installation of gutters in the average home will take a day.  We will arrive with a truck and trailer with a seamless gutter machine to install your gutters.  Each piece is measured individually to create a seamless gutter that is custom to your roof.  There are a few options to consider for attatchment: the spike and ferrule, or an inside bracket.  The inside bracket is a cleaner option as it is hidden inside the gutter.  The last step of the installtion is the gutter downspouts.  The estimate should include the downspouts which will be located according to runoff, in order to direct water away from the house.

Quality Roofing Restoration Construction offers aluminum gutters with a special finish to protect against the weather.  Aluminum gutters will never rust, and they are usually less expensive compared to other alternatives.  Copper gutters are popular for Nashville area homes, when the homeowners feel that copper looks better than the aluminum alternative. We find that most homeowners opt for the K-Style seamless aluminum, but your options are not limited. We hang our gutters with hangers and screws, rather than nails. This ensures a snug, seamless fit that will enable the system to work properly for years.


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